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    Lookout Mobile Security

    Modern Mobile Protection

    Mitigate risk and keep productivity moving where employees work with Lookout on the DOCOMO PACIFIC Business network.

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    Work Better Together

    Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is best for:

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    Companies that want a layered security approach by integrating Lookout with their existing security solutions.
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    Organizations of any size where protection from threats across the spectrum of mobile risk is mission critical.
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    Industries looking to securely unlock mobile productivity across personal and corporate-owned devices.

    All-in-one Mobile Security

    Security perimeters have become obsolete as people use mobile devices and cloud applications to work from anywhere.

    DOCOMO PACIFIC Business, together with Lookout, provides a comprehensive mobile security solution that gives your business the ability to protect, detect, and remediate against threats across all your mobile and tablet devices. 

    L4W phone-transparent

    How it works

    Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security provides an intuitive cloud-based admin interface which easily allows real-time visibility of any mobile risks faced by your employees. Lookout leverages a lightweight app on the mobile device to protect it, and if needed, guide the employee through simple incident remediation on the device without relying on an IT team.

    You need a security approach that is not tied to an office perimeter or needs privileged access to the operating systems and apps. Lookout overcomes this challenge by analyzing data from nearly 200 million mobile devices and 150 million apps.

    MES-Lookout enterprise products
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    Post-perimeter protection
    Lookout fully protects mobile devices which are left more exposed outside of the trusted office perimeter.
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    Respect for user privacy
    Lookout collects only a small amount of personal information to ensure your data and employee privacy is upheld.
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    Increased productivity
    Mobilize your workforce with peace of mind knowing that your business-critical data is secured.

    Manage risk with these Lookout features.

    Measurable deduction of risk
    Understand your organization's mobile risk at a glance with simple risk status.
    Real-time visibility
    Visibility into mobile instances allows you to respond quickly and effectively to threats.
    The Lookout app
    Seamlessly deploy the Lookout app to your entire mobile fleet from the Lookout console.


    Lookout MES Essentials

    FREE with Unlimited Mobile Plans

    $5/month with any Business Mobile Plans

    App threat protection
    Device threat protection
    Network threat protection
    Integration with existing security platforms
    Continuous conditional access
    Phishing and content protection
    Web content filtering