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    Fixed Wireless Internet

    We bring the internet to your business.

    With DOCOMO PACIFIC’s Fixed Wireless for Business, you get:

    • A powerful, wireless connection to high-speed internet.
    • Big cost savings on deployment and operation.
    • A fixed broadband alternative and smart device connections.
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    Boost Efficiency with 4G LTE Power

    With a 4G LTE-enabled wireless router, your business can access higher internet speeds and lower latency to enhance business efficiency.

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    Boost Efficiency with 4G LTE Power
    Save Time and Money
    Save Time and Money
    Your business can save on infrastructure costs and quickly deploy.
    Avoid Leased Lines
    Avoid Leased Lines
    This is the ideal solution for construction sites and rural areas with limited fixed line connectivity.
    No Data Caps
    No Data Caps
    Your business gets unlimited data every month.
    A Router for Smart Devices
    A Router for Smart Devices
    Connect multiple computers or devices to the advanced router.
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    Fast and Reliable Internet Anywhere

    DOCOMO PACIFIC Fixed Wireless Internet delivers high-speed Internet service to businesses via an indoor gateway router, making it a smart solution for rural areas, construction sites, and other places with limited infrastructure. It also offers an optional outdoor antenna to boost your signal strength.


    Powered by the Fastest, Most Reliable Network

    You can increase your productivity and download, surf, and stream with confidence on our advanced 4G LTE network.

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    Multiple Connections with Unlimited Data

    Connect multiple computers or devices to our advanced router with the freedom of unlimited data.

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    Fixed Wireless Internet Plans

    Unlimited Data Plan

    Unlimited high speed internet
    No leased line
    Fixed broadband alternative
    Ability to connect 15-20 devices
    A router that connects to smart devices