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    Tailored IT Services gives you access to the technologies & IT experts you need to run your business.  We'll take care of your day-to-day IT functions, so you can spend less time fixing IT issues and more time focusing on important tasks like growing your business.


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    Embracing the paradigm of IT Services, also known as IT as a Service (ITaaS), represents a revolutionary operational approach. This model empowers businesses or users to seamlessly access Information Technology through a managed service framework. Our services are thoughtfully cataloged, ensuring users pay for and consume only the IT services they specifically need. At DOCOMO PACIFIC, we merge profound digital transformation, seamless systems integrations, and specialized domain expertise. Our overarching objective is singular: to enhance and elevate your business.


    Rely on the experts
    Rely on the pros
    Our pros are highly-experienced & equipped with deep technical know-how - available locally & remotely when you need them
    Flexible & tailored plans
    Flexible & tailored plans
    Choose the plan that fits your budget & business needs
    Access to the right technology
    Enhance business through technologies
    Access to hardware & software that power business operations

    Flexible & Tailored Plans

    DOCOMO PACIFIC provides comprehensive support for your IT operations, ensuring a seamlessly functioning IT infrastructure tailored to your business needs. Relying on us for IT Support not only reduces your labor costs but also liberates your internal IT resources. You gain access to skilled IT professionals with diverse expertise, allowing your team to focus on core business priorities. Our suite of services encompasses:

    Telephone & Email Support

    Client Ticketing Portal Access

    Remote Assistance

    Hosted Email & Office 365 Software & Support

    Network Management & Security

    Hosted PBX/Unified Communications Support

    Computer Operations